Hi everyone!  Let’s face it, no one is going to read this for awhile. And do you know why? First ever blog post right here so stick with me, I’m still figuring it out 😉

I’ve been thinking about starting this/a blog for a few months now and finally took the plunge. I’ve got a pretty schizophrenic vision in my head of what we’re going to figure out through this little guy, but I’m excited!  I’ll be sitting at work and my brain is going a thousand miles a minute thinking of topics to write about. The topics come easily, the words…not so much. 

So, who am I…I am a backyard chicken farmer, Pinterest junkie who is Chickensraising a little boy, paying off some debt, remodeling a house, losing some weight while cooking amazing food at home. And in no way does this take second chair to the above, but I’m also madly in love with a man who lives 50 miles away and has 2 kids of his own. So, as you can see, I’ve got a few things to figure out. I’d love to bring you along on our journey. 




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