Christmas Week… 2

What I’m figuring out today….

As we start out Christmas week, I realize I am going into another Christmas week still needing to pick up a few last minute gifts. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a life-long procrastinator. As in, waiting until December 20 to begin making the Christmas present I’ve been planning for months, only to realize my sewing machine needs to be serviced (face palm emoji). Thank God for a good friend who is letting me borrow her machine. And for everyone who needs to know what I’m making, it’s pot holders/hot pads, whatever you want to call them. Check out this great tutorial for DIY hot pads I found here. And make sure to check back on my In The Works page for my own step-by-step with pics of my fun fabric choices 🙂 

This Christmas will also be my very first attempt at cooking a turkey. A few months back, the boyfriend and I decided we would give our kids Christmas at their own homes this year. Don’t get me wrong, we want to spend Christmas together, our kids want to spend Christmas together, but they also want to spend Christmas at home and their homes are not the  same home at this point. Now, every year that I can remember, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning has been spent at my parent’s house. Fast forward to 2015… I own my own home, both of my brothers have moved out of state and are not planning to come home for Christmas. So of course I’d love to host! With a little bit of persuading, I get my parents to agree to make the 50 mile expedition and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my son and me at my house. MY HOUSE, people! I was so excited!! My mom’s brother has always spent Christmas Eve with us too, he’s a bachelor and doesn’t have kids so he’s joining the slumber party! Shortly after plans are set, the older brother decides he’s driving home for Christmas. Then, the younger one decides he’s not going to be the only one two states away. OMG, you guys….I’m hosting Christmas for 7 people. I may have panicked a bit.

But here’s where the turkey comes in…I buy the turkey and promptly put it in the freezer. Step 1, done. Sunday eve, I get a text from by my mom asking if I’ve moved the turkey to the fridge yet. Uh, no. It’s a 20 pound turkey people….We’re not eating turkey for Christmas dinner, I’m convinced. More panicking.

Also, the bathroom needs to be re-painted due to peeling paint from humidity; the pendants above the kitchen island are hanging due to ceiling beam construction; basement ceiling is missing pieces. What am I doing hosting Christmas?? I’m figuring it out….that’s what I’m doing 🙂

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