Just Getting More Awesome

Today I Choose Happiness


Oh Happy Day 2

Have you ever had a day that just keeps trying to kick you while you’re down? Today was one of those days for me, and I won!  How did I do so, you ask? I chose to be happy. Which hasn’t been and isn’t always easy for me to do.

Today I just decided I wasn’t going to let the things I can’t control dictate my mood. There was an issue at work where I had to call an agent and explain they made a mistake on some paperwork, again. This is never fun. But I looked for the positive angle, I had an opportunity to offer great customer service by picking up the phone instead of sending an email or mailing a letter. And by doing so, had a pleasant conversation with this agent. Tuesday morning work problem – 0, Candice – 1.

As the day progressed on, I stumbled upon a number of other things that could have pushed me into a pretty crappy mood. But not today. I wasn’t allowing it today. And I can attribute this to a few goals I’ve been working on. You can check out the whole post here. But I’ll highlight a few.

  • Getting more sleep. A rested mind and body function much more efficiently
  • Working on my exercise goals. It’s amazing the difference I feel after a good workout.
  • Being more efficient with housework, to free up time to spend with Mikah. (Round 2 of Nerf wars tonight, I’m still losing 😦 )
  • Menu planning and sticking to my grocery budget.

I feel like making strides to accomplish these goals gave me the ability to stay positive today, to keep the pessimism at bay. Choosing to look on the bright side isn’t always easy. But it sure makes the day a lot more enjoyable. I also made it a point to watch YouTube videos of laughing babies and crazy goats.

How are you staying positive this week? Do you have some super sweet tips you’d like to share with us? Let’s keep each other on the right track!

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