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My 3 biggest obstacles to half marathon training

13.freaking 1

Yep, you read that right, I’m training for my 2nd half marathon. This wasn’t an easy decision. However, completing another half marathon has been in the back of my mind since I finished the first. So, here I go. Training begins this week!

Obstacle 1: Solo Training (kinda)

Remember that little guy of mine, he’s graduated to Coach/Trainer/Chief Motivator!  I’ll be dragging him along on quite a few training runs. He remembers, vividly, our training for the first 1/2 and he did an amazing job riding his bike with my running partner and me. He absolutely loves to ride his bike and loves being outdoors. That being said, he was not entirely thrilled to be going for round 2, so I’ve got some rewards planned for us for certain training milestones because I realize the commitment I’ll be signing us both up for.

The obstacle, though, lies in the fact that I will need to push myself through this training. I will not have a running partner beside me for each run this time. Sure, Mikah can encourage me and say “keep it up mom” (and you have no idea how much that actually helps!) but in the end, I have to dig deep to find the motivation to push me through each mile. And even as I type that last line, I wonder “why do I even want to run 13.1 miles?” Because my will and determination are strong enough to push me through this training. Sometimes (lately) I’m too strong-willed and stubborn and it’s been unproductive….time to channel that strong will and determination for something productive!

Obstacle 2: Weather

It’s February, in Nebraska, and it’s cold!  We’ve been spoiled the last week and have had amazing weather, mid 60’s!!  But, that’s a fluke. February in Nebraska is typically cold, very cold. And often snowy. I don’t like to be cold. But, again, I’m using this stubbornness for good. I said I was going to run a half marathon in May, and that means I start training now. 12 weeks to go.

Obstacle 3: Time Commitment

Probably the biggest one, but the one I’m least worried about right now. I actually have a pretty open schedule for the first time in many years. I’m not working overtime, I’m not taking classes, Mikah is not in an activity. This makes for the perfect time to schedule 4-5 runs a week. However, I am getting ready to put my house up for sale this summer and that means house projects galore! Make sure to follow the blog to see all my project before and afters.

Anyone else training for a race coming up? Anyone completed a race recently and have pointers for me? Let’s chat….

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