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Half Marathon Training: An Update

Hello again everyone…. Life has gotten busy over the last few months and it’s time for an update!

Where to even start??  I guess with half marathon training. In my last post My 3 biggest obstacles to half marathon training, we talked about the obstacles I was facing square in the face. But guess what, none of that matters one bit anymore because I won’t be completing my 2nd half marathon this year. What?!??! I know, I’ll get to that in a minute.

First though, how was the training going up to this point? Pretty damn good, actually. All 3 obstacles were very real, but I had some great support!  I was getting in my 4-5 runs per week, adding mileage each weekend. Mikah and Brian were both very supportive and encouraging, keeping me accountable for getting my runs in each week. I was sitting pretty comfortable with my 10:00-10:40 pace range. I was ecstatic about my 5 miler….hills, cold, wind, rain AND a 9:51 pace. I felt like a million bucks!!  Each run after that however, was slower and more difficult. I switched up my nutrition, I slept more, I tried running in the morning, I tried evening runs, I tried cross-training. Nothing seemed to make a difference. I was hating every run, long and short.

What on earth?!!?

The more I thought about things I had switched up and what wasn’t working,  it dawned on me….I’m exhausted, I’m always hungry, I’ve been irritable with everyone….all signs point to one thing….Baby on Board.

Yep, positive pregnancy test on April Fool’s Day! Oh, wow…..

Now, I know what all of you rockstar runners out there are thinking…there are plenty of pregnant people that continue to run. Whelp, I am not that pregnant woman. I could barely get through the day without a nap between weeks 5 and 10, let alone get this body out there to run. Nope. Not happening.

I’m in week 11 now and starting to feel better. I’m getting out for walks and some short bike rides with Mikah. So I am getting some exercise in, and plan to get back into a routine soon. But damn, some days it takes all I have just to get through the workday and be a functioning mom in the evening.

How about all you other runner moms out there…did you find it next to impossible to continue running during the 1st trimester?




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