My Firstborn is at Scout Camp

It’s the middle of the morning on Day 3 that Mikah has been away at Boy Scout camp…and I’m a  bit of a wreck. I know, it’s scout camp. He’s having a blast and it’s only a week. But….it’s a week!!  I’ve been so up and down already and it’s only 10:25 am, day 3. It’s gonna be a long week ladies and gentlemen.

Day 1: Put on a brave front and don’t let him see me cry was my plan and I stuck to it!  It helped that we were of course running behind and I forgot about a zillion things. Coffee in hand, he and I set out for Walmart at 7 am to grab the last minute things he needed. (don’t tell his Scoutmaster we got supplies from Walmart)

Now, we are new to the whole camping thing. I mean we’ve been camping, but have never had the right gear. So here we are at Walmart the day he leaves looking for a sleeping mat and a daypack. Turns out, Walmart doesn’t have sleeping mats. We got him a yoga mat. “It’ll work, right?” I ask him…and he knows the only other option is the crappy eggshell thing I ordered from Amazon this week that is in the car ‘just in case’. We pay for our things and off we go to meet the troop.

A tornado rolled through the area the night before and let me tell you, that part of town had definitely seen better days. I was thankful for the distraction, but I still pray for the families that lost their homes that night. We pull in to the parking lot and I realize I forgot the money for his troop hoodie we were buying the day he leaves, cuz that’s how we do things in this family. So I drop him off with all his gear and head to the ATM. Another distraction, except I’m a hot mess now because what if they leave while I’m gone and I don’t get to hug and kiss him goodbye???  Ugh, I need to be better prepared. Always.

I get back in time to chat with him, hug and kiss him goodbye and see that he gets in ‘the good car’ 🙂 All will be ok. I even met another mom who is sending her son off to camp for the first time. I’m not the only one super worried.  The rest of the day went pretty well. Although, I of course stalked the troop’s Twitter account for updates like it was my job. Sidenote: who the hell uses Twitter as a tool to update crazy mom’s about their little boys?!

Day 3: I’m batshit crazy today. My immediate thought when I woke up, “I wonder if Mikah was comfortable last night? Did he get the tentmates he wanted? Is he hungry, cold or sad? Is he getting along with everyone? Did he remember to shower and brush his teeth?”  Of course I ask all of these questions out loud to Brian and he assures me Mikah is having too much fun to be sad, he has everything he needs to be comfortable and well fed. And no, he didn’t shower and brush his teeth because he’s 10 and a boy.

Fast forward to the night before he comes home and I’m so excited to see him tomorrow night!  There have been no emergency calls to tell me he got lost, broken or in trouble and the Twitter account has kept me up to date on what the troop has been doing this week. I’ve had some ups and downs. But, all in all, it’s been a good week. I of course miss him like crazy, but I know he’s having a great time and making memories that will last him a lifetime.

I might hug him for an hour when I pick him up tomorrow night 🙂

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