No Spend Week

Our spending was getting a little outta control, you guys. We were failing at budgeting (ok, it was mostly me) I’ve found it both a relief and a challenge to combine finances over the past year and I’ve totally slacked on my end of the deal. We decided a long time ago that we would use the EveryDollar app by Dave Ramsey for budgeting and tracking our monthly spending. I’m the worst at adding my spending into the app. The. Worst. So, I’m starting over today with that goal.

BUT, back to the topic at hand. No spend week. Last weekend we decided that we would do a full week of not using our debit card to kind of get ourselves back on track with deliberate spending. So, Saturday evening we made a menu for the upcoming week with the grocery list that went along with it. We also planned out our Sunday Funday of taking Mikah out for ice cream at a new creamery in Omaha and incorporated our grocery trip into that outing. We also filled both cars with gas.  We were set.

Knowing that we only had Mikah and Maggie home this week and no activities planned, it seemed like the perfect week to get back on track. And we did it!  We made it the full week without spending a dime. And you know what? It wasn’t hard, at all.  And we had a lot of fun throughout the week too!  I didn’t once feel like I was depriving myself of anything. We cooked meals at home (which I love, but had been slacking on lately) We checked out 3 different parks this week. And we also went fishing. The week was a complete success.

Now, I bet some of you are wondering if we went crazy this weekend doing all the things we didn’t do last week….and no, not at all. We have all felt more relaxed and been content. We’ve really focused on family time this week and it’s been great. I am counting down the days until our other 2 kids come home from their mom’s house this coming Sunday though. We miss the heck out of them!!!

Being deliberate with our spending in preparation of a no spend week really got us focused on planning ahead and made it possible to really enjoy our evenings. At first when I told Mikah what we were doing, he was freaked out. “What if we run out of food? What if the car breaks down?” So we had a nice little discussion about the difference between needs and wants and how if a need came up, we would take care of it. But we had already planned ahead for our wants. And by the end of the week, he had seen first hand how planning ahead financially had paid off.

I call it a WIN!!!



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