Boredom Buster….Or so I Thought

Is it time for the school year to start yet???  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to wish away my kids’ childhood…but they might have been driving me a little crazy today!  As summer is winding down, it seems my boys are having a hard time occupying their time without a screen. Would it be easier for me as a work-from-home parent if they zoned out on a screen all day? Hell. Yes.

BUT, I’m convinced it makes them dumber. Yep, I know there is good content out there. And sure there are educational apps. But guess what, my kids aren’t using them. No matter how hard I try or bribe them to, they’re not. Lots of YouTube watching going on here when it’s not monitored. Yes, sometimes they are watching videos to learn how to do a science experiment, trampoline flip or fingerboard trick. But to be honest, sometimes they are watching fart videos. I’m not having the fart vids all day, you guys. Not having it.

So, today I had this genius plan (at least I thought it was) to send them out on a little scavenger hunt. My plan was to get them out of the house, getting some exercise and sunshine and getting me some quite time to work while they were having fun. Their plan was to do as little as possible, as fast as possible and come back home to get their iPods. So, my plan kinda failed. But it also kind of worked out. They got out of the house, they walked over a mile to the park, they climbed a tree, they worked together as a team and I think they had fun (even though they probably won’t admit it)

A big part of this little exercise was to get them off their screens, so I sent them out with their flip phone (nope, we don’t not pay for them to have a smartphone) and a pocket digital camera. Their task was to take 9 pictures of things I chose. And, I got to get all crafty and use some fun card stock I had on hand 🙂 Here is the list:


Great idea, right? I thought so, and so did Brian. Simon seemed excited when they left. Mikah, not so much. We live roughly 1 mile from the park where the bulk of the pictures should have been taken. They were back in less than 45 minutes. Not ideal. But, it was 45 minutes of quiet work time for me. 45 minutes of outdoor activity for them. I call it a win 🙂

So tell me, how do you keep your kids busy and off the screens over the summer? I know I can’t be the only parent out there trying to raise healthy and active kids. Let’s swap some ideas on how we accomplish this!!

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